I look the test twice, and believe it or not, I am PREGNANT! WOW! I’m so thankful for this news to come right at our one year anniversary date! What a special gift. Looking back at the past month, before finding out we were preggers, I have been singing the song ”Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran where he talks about his baby before he or she is born. A little 2 year old touched by stomach and asked me “do you have a baby in your tommy?” I watched a baby video on YouTube with envy for my very own real life baby doll. What’s even stranger is I took the test right after watching Young & Hungry where the cook played by Emily Osmit takes a pregnancy test, unlike her’s my was positive.

*mommy-to-be intuition self-five!

Of course, now I’m running through articles about foods to avoid, exercises to do, hospitals, doctors, creative ways to spread the news, how long to wait till spreading the news…

It’s such a huge responsibility to host someone inside me for 9 months,  we’re due March 3rd. Right now, at around 4 weeks the baby is as small as a poppy seed, and is about to split into 2 parts forming the placenta.

My sense of smell is on point. It’s almost like smelling ordinary things for the first time. Did you ever notice the smell of Mayonnaise or toast! How can a sliver of bread create such a wind of smell?? Thankfully, I haven’t really had morning sickness. Although, I did think I was catching the flu, more tired than usual, and boy have I been chilly. I have mostly been experiencing a symptom similar to the aches and pains of the beginnings of period cramps. Oh, not to mention my breasts have been hurting for weeks. But I’m comforted by Twix bars, peppermint, and fruit.

I pray I do you right little seed inside me. I pray you are strong, healthy, smart, kind, beautiful, and obedient. I love you already. Please love me, and please be nice to me this first time mommy.