We chose John Legend’s All Of Me – Piano Cover as the Groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids walked down the aisle. The words are so beautiful and we thought it was perfect.

As my dad walked me down the aisle, we had the pianist play A Thousand Years – Piano Cover! I just think this song is such a romantic, sweet, pure song and when I first heard it on the piano I knew this had to be the song for me; it’s so vulnerable and innocent; this song has all of that emotion swelled inside!

When it was time to party at the reception, we were welcomed as The Best Day of My Life – American Authors played.

Our first dance song was Close Your Eyes – Michael Bublé. His voice and music is so timeless, I know we’ll love this song even when we’re old. It’s a sentimental song, but not too sappy. I think it’s a perfect song for a wedding reception.

Father Daughter Dance My Girl – The Temptations. Another timeless, classy song. As my dad and I swayed on the dance floor, I knew that I’d always be his little girl.

Mother Son Dance This is Where I Belong – Bryan Adams. It was really sweet song for his and his mom to waltz to!

Bouguet Toss 22 – Taylor Swift. This song I would dance with my girl friends to, and I knew it would be a huge hit for all the single ladies!

Sparkler Send off  Firework – Katy Perry. We ushered our guests to the doors with this festive song!

And that’s a wrap


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