Why July??


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My husband and I became engaged April 18th, 2013, and got married on July 6th, 2014. Some tell us that 15 months is a long engagement, but I wouldn’t have changed it. It was nice to have that time to plan. The first step to any BIG event is the when and where!? Before Brock and I got engaged, we talked about when we would want to get married. The wedding date is a very important decision to make- not many put much thought to! It is SO important because for the rest of you, or your spouse’s life every anniversary you’ll be celebrating! Before setting a wedding date narrow down important factors. Ours were the following:

  1. Time off work
  2. Weather
  3. Birthdays
  4. Holidays

Historically, my man, gets time off around the summer months because projects begin winding-down, or are just starting up. My dream is to homeschool our children and summertime school’s out! Weather wasn’t that much of a factor for us because our wedding was indoors, but we enjoy summer things like sunglasses, shorts, tanning lotion, over scarves, hoodies, and uggs!

No one in their right mind would choose to have a birthday during a gift-giving month! Why do you ask? Because less gifts! And my husband would know because he’s a December baby. If we chose a month not around our birthdays it would spread out the spending and help our finances. Plus, we don’t want to cheat either one of us, by celebrating two events at the same time!

Getting married during or around National Holidays is a really brilliant idea. Most jobs require employees to take off work = three day weekend! And cities usually have local festivities going on that are free to attend. However, there are some holidays you might want to avoid, we wanted to avoid months that often contained jewish holidays because we didn’t want conflicting celebrations.

After pondering the above material we decided Sunday, July 6th, 2014, would be the perfect Wedding date! Our venues gave us discounts for having a Sunday wedding, it was a three day weekend, and every anniversary we’ll be guaranteed fireworks!



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